I always loved to take photographs. 

People, things, details.

When I was young there was no digital photography, no photoshop…it was alla magic…how an image could be stopped forever and impressed on paper.

I started being a photographer (or to want to) when I bought my first DSLR 7 years ago and began to take photos of bands playing live concerts in local clubs around my place.

I love music since I was born, as far as I can remember when I was little there was always a radio playing some music everywhere I went, and me singin along it. I took some vocal classes a few years ago and I can also play a little guitar and piano, so the connection between music and photography is so natural for me.

In september 2014 I formed with a friend of mine a crew composed by photographer, videographers and make-up artsts called “Labor Lucis”; I’m the project manager and, obviously, one of the photographers. This new experience made me explore new genres of photography such as glamour and studio portraits and also made me explore a totally new and fascinating world: video production.

I collaborate with three magazines: as photoreporter and writer for “Metalpit.it” and as photoreporter for Rock Rebel Magazine and FreakOut magazine.

Give me your feedback on my works, your opinions are important to me!

Get in touch with me and ask whatever you want to know.

Contact me for any kind of collaboration!
If you need a photo-shooting or a videoclip your band: new album cover/booklet, promotion, endorsement, live show, tour.

I’m also available for your book, your portfolio, your brand, your event: fashion, sport, corporate, wedding, new born…